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META TRACK is a solution to help companies manage and coordinate their work platforms from control rooms and data centers. The goal is to keep the fleet operating smoothly by reducing costs & improving performance.






Tracked Units

Meta Track Platform

Fleet management software based on GPS tracking




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Combining the best of telecommunications and informatics, telematics offers a way
unique for monitoring vehicles. From motorbikes to heavy trucks, from single cars to
large fleet, there is a solution for every client. Telematics is the key to resource management
effective, cost-optimized and secure across a wide range of industries.

Construction and Mining

Managing construction and mining machines is a complex task. If managed with
not true, it can lead to big expenses. The benefits of our solutions include
protect your equipment from theft, reduce fuel costs, and improve
safety. In other words, you will be in complete control of your fleet, workers and
your resources.

Car Rental

Knowing the current location, status and track history of a vehicle is very important for all
car sharing and rental service providers. Get full control of your fleet
with our solution, prevent theft with remote car key management, accept
notification of possible breach of contract, and monitor driver behavior
and the area in which the vehicle is driven.


Agricultural machinery has come a long way in recent years with tractors or modern combiners that cost more than sports cars. Very important for keep track of these valuable assets. Thanks to our solution you will have complete control over machine by knowing its current position, driver activity and important information other.

Delivery Service

Fast and professional distribution of goods is the key to profits in the shipping business. Route optimization can reduce your fuel costs by up to 30%, temporarily Driver identification and behavior monitoring will ensure consistent delivery standards and traceability whenever there is a complaint that needs to be investigated. Get full control over your fleet and resources with our solutions.

Emergency Services

The safety of our society depends heavily on the technology that enables us monitor, track, and respond to emergency calls faster than ever. Blessing our solution, you will always know the location and status of your current transportation, so that ensure timely response to all kinds of situations. Real-time status of equipment special services, such as sirens, water pumps, or ladders, ensure accountability and exploitation appropriate.


Logistics requires a lot of information for business optimization. Just not enough get the GPS coordinates of your vehicle’s current location. With material consumption fuel, mileage and many other parameters, you will be able to manage resources your fleet effectively. No expense will be left unaccounted for. Monitor driver activity will allow you to control your staff, temporarily temperature data will ensure that the goods are delivered with high quality.


The main reasons for insurance payments are car accidents and theft. There are at least 7 million cases of stolen vehicles worldwide every year and this number is growing. The figures in traffic accident statistics are even greater. real time tracking, alerts when attempted theft or accidents are detected, and possibility to track accidents, all of this helps identify the culprit and reduces the cost of when unexpected event occurred.

Kendaraan Bermotor

Fast motorbikes, very comfortable to get around in the city and need fuel less than a car. Being a very useful commodity, it is also a easy target for thieves. Improve the security of your valuable assets with our solutions, You will always know its current location, receive an alert if the motorcycle is on moved or the tracker is disconnected from the battery.

Utility Services

Maintenance vehicles, such as salt spreaders or dust carts, are essential to cities modern and its inhabitants. Complex machining management requires a number specific data size, spatter distance, covered area of distribution, amount and type of material used used, hours worked, and many other parameters. You can have all of this and much more at your fingertips with our solutions.

Kenapa Memilih MetaTrack?

We have a team that has experience and a multidisciplinary technological background to help customers produce applications that suit their needs, as well as support services that will look after & maintain your applications and data. With provide the right solution for you:

Compatible with various brands of GPS Tracker
Our platform supports various brands of GPS Tracker in the market

Cloud Based
Stay connected with your fleet through our platform, which will give you access to all your data anywhere. We ensure that all your valuable data is stored securely, saving time and storage costs.

Simple User Interface
Our platform is designed to be as simple as possible to make it easier for you to manage your fleet.

Live Tracking
You can track fleet movements in real-time

Compatible with various vehicle brands
Our hardware has been tested on various makes of vehicles, we ensure that our solutions are right for you any fleet.

CAN Bus integration
The device can read vehicle sensors.

User Level Access
Permission management to users with a hierarchical system based on group monitoring and management needs
specific vehicle or feature.

Periodic Development
We can develop additional features according to customer requirements.

You can get speeding (exceeding the speed limit) driver alerts, assignments and incoming messages.

White Labeling
Customize the Meta Track interface elements to use them as your own. You can change: color scheme, logo and login page background.

Access reports on the productivity and movement of your fleet, saving you time and keeping you informed easily and quickly.

Fuel Monitoring
Monitor exactly the volume of fuel used by each fleet and driver. Thus, you can efficiently manage the fuel consumption of each fleet.

Global Fleet Management
Meta Track operates globally. Our devices are compatible worldwide, giving you wide operational coverage.

API Integration
Can be integrated with other systems within the company such as ERP.

Customer Support
Our team is here to help, covering every region and time zone.

Key Benefits

Increase Productivity
With Meta Track technology, you can optimize vehicle usage & monitor its productivity. Vehicles can be monitored from the time the engine is started until it is turned off.

Lowering Operational Costs
You can reduce operational costs, save fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs.

Worker Productivity
Knowing the position of the vehicle in real time. This feature can be used for those of you who use a carpooling system so that employees can maximize vehicle use and avoid vehicle misuse.

Worker Safety
Worker safety is the responsibility of every company. With Meta Track you can monitor the safety of workers/drivers. With superior features of trip & driver management, you can also analyze working hours and driver mobility.

Fuel Efficiency
With the support of a fuel sensor, it is more environmentally friendly, reduces fuel expenditure and improves fuel efficiency by monitoring speeding and idle time reports.

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