Construction and Mining

Increase discipline, work safety, efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Live Tracking
You can track fleet movements in real-time

Compatible with various vehicle brands
Our hardware has been tested on various makes of vehicles, we ensure that our solutions are right for you any fleet.

CAN Bus integration
The device can read vehicle sensors.

Working time recording
Effectively monitor and measure your operating hours and equipment.

User Level Access
Permission management to users with a hierarchical system based on group monitoring and management needs
specific vehicle or feature.

Periodic Development
We can develop additional features according to customer requirements.

You can get speeding (exceeding the speed limit) driver alerts, assignments and incoming messages.

White Labeling
Customize the Meta Track interface elements to use them as your own. You can change: color scheme, logo and login page background.

Access reports on the productivity and movement of your fleet, saving you time and keeping you informed easily and quickly.

Fuel Monitoring
Monitor exactly the volume of fuel used by each fleet and driver. Thus, you can efficiently manage the fuel consumption of each fleet.

API Integration
Can be integrated with other systems within the company such as ERP.

Driver Behavior
Monitor driver behavior live while driving.


  • Provides real-time productivity and utilization analysis.
  • Real-time equipment positioning with the fleet assignment system enables process control to provide quality assurance.
  • Providing opportunities to increase the achievement of productivity, effectiveness and. efficiency of KP work.
  • Makes it easy to monitor vehicles and sensors.
  • Monitor driver behavior when operating the vehicle.
  • Improve driver discipline to increase work effectiveness.
  • Control the driver’s safety when operating the vehicle and keep the vehicle safe from potential losses.
  • We will provide hardware recommendations according to the customer’s needs and budget.
  • A centralized dispatch system can be run at a central office or job site.
  • We can develop additional features according to customer requirements.
  • Customers can access reports anywhere via gadgets.
  • White labels can be made according to customer requests.
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